16 Suspension and termination by Contractor


16.1 Contractor ’s Entitlement to Suspend Work


If the Employer failsto complywith Sub-Clause 2.4 [Employer's Financial Arrangements] or Sub-Clause 14.7 [Timing of Payments], the Contractor may, after giving not less than 21 days’notice to the Employer, suspend work (or reduce the rate of work) unless and until the Contractor has received the reasonable evidence or payment, as the case may be and as described in the notice.

如果雇主未能遵守第2.4 款【雇主的资金安排】或第 14.7 款【付款的时间安排】的规定,承包商可在不少于21 天前通知雇主,暂停工作(或放慢工作速度),除非并直到承包商根据情况和通知中所述,收到付款证书、合理的证明或付款为止。

The Contractor's action shall not prejudice his entitlements to financing charges under Sub-Clause 14.8 [Delayed Payment] and to termination under Sub-Clause 16.2 [Termination by Contractor].

承包商的上述行动不应影响他根据第14.8 款【延误的付款】的规定获得融资费用和根据第16.2 款【由承包商终止】的规定提出终止的权利。

If the  Contractor subsequentlyreceives such  evidence or payment (as  described in the relevant Sub-Clause and in the above notice) before giving a notice of termination, the Contractor shall resume normal working as soon as is reasonably practicable.


If the Contractor suffers delay and/or incurs Cost as a result of suspending work (or reducing the rate of work) in accordance with this Sub-Clause, the Contractor shall give notice to the Employer and shall be entitled subject to Sub-Clause 20.1 [Contractor's Claims] to:

如果因按照本款暂停工作(或放慢工作速度)承包商遭受延误和(或)招致费用,承包商应向雇主发出通知,有权根据第 20.1 款【承包商的索赔】的规定提出:

(a)an extension of time for any such delay, if completion is or will be delayed, under Sub-Clause 8.4 [Extension of Time for Completion],and

根据第  8.4 款[【竣工时间的延长】的规定,如竣工已或将受到延误,对任何此类延误给予延长期;

(b) payment of any such Cost plus reasonable profit, which shall be added to the Contract Price.


After receiving this notice, the Employer shall proceed in accordance with Sub-Clause 3.5 [Determinations] to agree or determine these matters.

雇主收到此通知后,应按照第3.5 款【确定】的要求对这些事项进行商定或确定。