15.5 Employer ’s Entitlement to Termination


The Employer shall be entitled to terminate the Contract, at any time for the Employer's convenience, by giving notice of such termination to the Contractor. The termination shall take effect 28 days after the later of the dates on which the Contractor receives this notice or the Employer returns the Performance Security. The Employer shall not terminate the Contract under this Sub-Clause in order to execute the Works himself or to arrange for the Works to be executed by another contractor.


After this termination, the Contractor shall proceed in accordance with Sub-Clause 16.3 [Cessation of Work and Removal of Contractor's Equipment] and shall be paid in accordance with Sub-Clause 19.6 [Optional Termination, Payment and Release].

在此项终止后,承包商应按照第16.3 款【停止工作和承包商设备的撤离】的规定执行,并应按照第19.6款【自主选择的终止、支付和解除】的规定获得付款。